samedi 3 février 2018

Blue Fern studios February inspirations, Remnants & In the mood ....

Hello everybody!
I'm back to share with you my new inspirations.
This month, I propose you two pages of the ''Remnants'' collection
and one of the new collection ''In the Mood''.
... I hope you like pink and purple ...

My first one is :

*You are LIFE ...*
( Remnants , Devonshire )

I've separated the heart of the '' Garden Blooms '' flowers to create more smaller flowers, I used the others part in the top of my photo.

As you know, I really like the lace, I like torn and use it partly on differet spot of my creation.
Here, a piece of Lace 5 under the photo and another piece used on the
bottom photo to create texture on my background.

All chipboards here, are embossed with '' Taupe '' powder. The other pieces on the
background are simply painted.

The Butterfly and the word '' LIFE '' are part of the Printed Chipboard '' REMNANTS ''

I used a lot of seedlings again, especially '' MAUVE'' '' PURPLE HAZE''
and a bit of ''GLASS'' seedlings that I mix with my own pearls and mini embellishements...

BFS products used:
Printed chipboard Remnants
Embossing Powder:
Lavender Eggs
Garden Blooms
Remnants Blooms
Tattered Newsprint
Sterling Silver
Purple Haze
Lace 5


My next one :

Live Your Dream
( Remnants, Vignette )

First I've made a background full of texture, then I added a large piece of LACE 6 on them. I've painted it before sticked on background.

A montage of BFS flowers in layers  to insert the butterfly, as if it was foraging.

Zoom on the seedlings ..

Embossed in ''Taupe'' powder, the title catches the eye and gives a deep effect to my bakground.


BFS products used:
Paper:- Vignette
Chipboards:- Printed Chipboards Remnants
Embossing Powder:- Taupe
- Night Sky
- Bubble Gum
Flowers:- Remnants Blooms
- Garden Blooms
- Harvest Lilies
Stamps:- Scratched
- Tattered Newsprint
Seedlings:- Twigs
Gold Nugget
Laces:- Lace 6

And Finally my next one:

( In The Mood, Dreamy )


I used 3 papers for this one, the first is ''DREAMY'' to which I stuck in the bottom '' BLISSFUL''. The other one ( OPTIMISTIC) is used on the top left of the page and with my picture as an embellishment.

Lot of lace again! I used LACE4 as embellishment and Lace 7B ( White ) for the background.
The first layer of chipboard are embossed in PIXIE DUST, the other in BABY PINK.
You see also the beautiful BFS flowers mix of LATE WINTER LILIES and GARDEN BLOOMS

Zoom on the PIXIE DUST embossing powder.
The ring is embossed with BLACK AND GOLD embossing powder.

The flourishe embossined in BABY PINK and butterfly PIXIE DUST. The tip of the feather, is embossed in GINGER.
Under my paper '' Dreamy'' I placed a piece of LACE10 in pink color.
All the white beads comes from the LACE9B.
I used GOLD NUGGET and Pink topaz seedlings.

Zoom on the flowers, love it so much!!

My Title, sweetheart comes from th Printed Chipboard IN THE MOOD.

BFS products used:
Paper:- Dreamy
- Optimistic
- Blissful
Chipboards:Printed Chipboards In The Mood
Embossing Powder:- Baby Pink
- Pixie Dust
- Black and Gold
Glitters:- Pink Diamond
Flowers:- Garden Blooms
- Dark Tropic Lilies
Stamps:- Tattered Newsprint
Seedlings:- Gold Nugget
- Pink Topaz
Laces:- Lace 4

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope I have inspired you.
I'll see you next month with another inspirations from IN THE MOOD collection.
Hugs, Tartine xoxo

vendredi 5 janvier 2018

Blue Fern Studios January inspirations ...

Hello everyone!
First of all, Happy New Year !!!
I'm so proud to share whit you my first inspirations of the year for Blue Fern Studios.
It's such an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this wonderful team for the second year.
THANK YOU so much BFS xxx

So let me introduce myself, for those who don't know me.
My name is Melanie, Tartine Peluche on social media. I'm 35 years old and I live Quebec in Canada.
I do principally layouts, sometime cards and canvas, I've been doing scrapbooking for several years, starting with cards, Since 2 years I've changed for layouts and I really love that,
My style is mostly shabby but I like touch everything and discover new techniques.
What is sure, is that my style is very detailed and filled with flowers!

My works are always evolving and that's one of things why I love this art.
You can find me on:

I hope to inspire you all year long.


*Handmade with love*
(Vintage christmas)

To start I used a stencil and pink ink, then with a pink ink pad I stamped with Departure Stamp in a few places and thereafter always with the same stamp I stamped with a brown ink pad.
 That's all for the background.

I stamped on a watercolor paper several times the wreath motif of the stamp Holiday Wreath, then I colored them and cut in leaves only. I used them as foliage for my roses from the collection Garden Blooms to which I added some fake snow.

I altered my Shabby Flakes chipboards with SNOW embossing powder and I also added fake snow on these.A small printed chipboard from Homespun - Printed Chipboard and one white flower from Apricot Blooms finishes this side of my layout.

As a base, I used Vintage Christmas's printed chipboard oval and I created a wreath with the folliage remaining cut out earlier.

Of all the winter chipboards the Winter Deers are really my fav, just because i'm so in love with this wonderful animal. I could put on all my layout :)
This one is embossed with Copper and on top of it I added fake snow too, like my flowers...

BFS products used:
- Greeting Cards
- Shabby Flakes
- Winter Deer
- Vintage Christmas - Printed Chipboard
- Homespun - Printed Chipboard
Embossing Powder:
- Bubble Gum
- Snow
- Copper
Burnt Copper
Pink Diamond
- Apricot Blooms
- Garden Blooms
- Holiday Wreath
- Departure
- Sweet Pea
- Glass
- Lace 4

* Find Joy in the Journey *
( Remnants )

This background is a little more complicated, much texture and several pieces of chipboard Chain Link Panel that I embossed with Night Sky.

On shrink plastic I stamped a butterfly from the stamp Spring Accents after cooking it, I added some glitters ( Red Wine ) Some flowers and a piece of torn lace 5 complete this side.

I know we don't see much but I embossed my chipboard Rose Shield with Baby Pink. He is hidden by flowers and another piece torn of lace. My title cut in three pieces is embossed with Plum.

On my pink flowers from Spring Florals collection , another butterfly in shrink plasticstamped with Bourbon Street stamp.

I embossed my Organic Vine Corner chipboard and my cutout doily with Ivory powder.

On an acetate sheet, I stamped one butterfly from Butterflies stamp and I cut it.
Maybe you'll see better on the next picture.

BFS products used:
- Beaumont
- Chain Link Panel
- Rose Shield
- Organic Vine Corner
- Find Joy
Embossing Powder:
- Night Sky
- Ivory
- Plum
- Red Wine
- Dark Tropic Lilies ( Black)
- Spring Florals ( Pink )
- Remnants Blooms ( Dark Pink )
- Remnants Florals ( Grey & Pink )
- Courtship Roses ( Pink )
- Tattered Newsprint
- Butterflies
- Spring Accents
- Bourbon Street
- Purple Haze
- Mauve
- Sterling Silver
- Lace 5


* You Make Me Smile *
( Remnants )

Another background a little complicated, that I will not explain to you, for lake of time ...
But I can tell you about this picture. you see myself in the company of my little cat saved. I found him abandoned by another human, just a few months old ... His name is Gaston and I love him so much, I can't see my life without him.

Sometimes, I think I should put less details LOL
I created from the Garden Window chipboard, a vine. All folliage used
are embossed with Green Ivory powder.

The chipboard embossed in Night Sky, on my background, is actually the interior of my Garden Window chipboard that I cutted. The leaves embossed in Green Ivory under the window shutter come from the Forest Branch chipboard. I will use the remaining branch and the bird later ...

I really love the effect of what the berries makes with the mix of flowers. Check in the description below for all details of what I've used. Under the flowers, the Blooming Flourishes chipboard also embossed in Green Ivory powder.
When you order them, you receive two identical pieces, I used both.

For my title, You Make Me Smile I embossed a first time in Baby Pink powder. Then, at just a few places, I used Lavender Eggs powder for a slight contrast and reminiscent of the purple of my layout.

I really love mini beads, and the Blue Fern Studio's seedlings are so cute and polyvalent. Here I've used Mauve and Purple Haze for adding texture and details.
I've mixed together two glitters : Pyrite & Spring Posy in a secret blend ... for make flakes.
 I added them on my background.
BFS Products used:
- Mini Remnants ( Side B )
Chipboards :
- Garden Window
- Blooming Flourishes
- You Make me Smile
- Forest Branch
Embossing Powder:
- Green Ivory
- Ivory
- Baby Pink
- Lavender Eggs
- Pyrite( Sorry, it's no longer available )
- Spring Posy
- Late Winter Lilies ( lavender )
- Remnants Blooms ( Light Pink )
Remnants Florals ( Light Pink )
Spring Peony & Berries ( Berries )
Tattered Newsprint
- Mauve
- Purple Haze


Thanks for stopping by.
I hope I have inspired you!
I'll see you next month for anothers inspirations.
Hugs ,Tartine xoxo


jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Blue Fern Studios December inspirations ...

Woah! Already a whole year since my first post with you here. :)
I'm really happy to present you again my inspirations. I'll start fist, by thanking you for all your good comments throughout the year, a lot of happiness every month. Thanks so much!

Let me introduce my first layout of month, where winter seems so sweet and magical...
... but it's just an illusion... LOL

*Let it snow !*
(Vintage Christmas)

I start by doing my central part using the chipboard *Holly Frame, I embossed it with Snow powder and I altered it with a little bit of gold wax paste. On the berry I added *Glass seedlings. Then I embossed with *Avocado powder my firs chipboards. I placed a few flowers of the collection *Wanderlust and Tranquil Roses & Lilies ( Sorry these are no longer available )
I cut my Title ''Let it Snow'' on the trim paper.

I used stamp * Jingle Bells with brown solvent ink pad, added some pretty flowers and leaves frome *Wanderlust Vine to which I added two shades of green seedlings,* Fir Tree and  * Green Leaf.
 My ''Homestead'' embellishment is made by stamping on shrink plastic, I love it!
You know  I'm addicted...

My deer... I'm in love with him ... LOL
I started by embossing in *Taupe, then I added *Hot Cocoa powder, two shades of
golden brown. Under the deer I placed some of the chipboard *Snow Medley
that I embossed with *Stormy Skies powder.
A little golden thread and you're done!

Some pieces of golden *lace 9C adds luxury to my layout.
To balance my layout of the color taupe, I added a small chipboard from Leafy Page Accents kit.
You can see the other piece of *Snow Medley under my flowers and fir. I cutted the bird on the paper Wonderland.

*Products I've used:Paper:
* Greeting Cards
* Wonderland
* Let it Snow
* Holly Frame
* Winter Forest
* Snow Medley
* Leafy Page Accents
* Wanderlust Words
* Vintage Christmas-Printed Chipboard
Embossing Powder:* Avocado
* Taupe
* Fern
* Stormy Skies
* Snow
* Hot Cocoa
Flowers:* Wanderlust Lilies
* Wanderlust Vine
* Tranquil Roses & Lilies (Discontinued)
* Christmas Chimney
* Jingle Bells
* Homespun Spots
*Fir Tree
* Green Leaf
* Sterling Silver
* Glass
* Lace 9C (gold)

* Lace 7B (white)

*Hello December*
( Vintage Christmas )

My second layout also has Christmas theme.

I used 2 stencils and green ink, on my modeling paste I added *Snow* powder to emboss it.
Then I used the central part of the paper *Magical* to begin my arrangement.

In first, picture give all the magic to my layout, I've found it on Pinterest...
Then, the beautiful chipboard Holidays Bright embossed with *Oatmeal*.
Under this chipboard, a mix of BFS flowers, *Attic Charm Glitter Roses* and *Happy Roses* 

The small frame on the right side is in polymer paste and I embossed it with *Oatmeal* powder too.
The little girl come from paper *Let It Snow*. Under this frame you can see an half of the chipboard *Mandala Frame* embossed with *14Karats* I added a little bit of red ink on top.
Some seedlings on leaves, I choose two shades of green: Fir Tree and
Green Leaf and a bit of yellow: Mustard seedling,

Close up on the seedlings, I used also Flaming (red) on my background.

Blue Fern Studios Products:
- Noel
- Let it Snow
- Wonderland
- Magical
- Mandala Frame
- Lace Rounds
- Holiday Bright
Embossing Powder:
- Oatmeal
- 14 Karats
- Snow
- Happy Roses
- Attic Charm Glitter Roses
- Lace 6
- Lace 9C (Gold)
- Fir Tree
- Green Leaf
- Mustard
- Flaming


*Home Is Where The Heart Is*
( Homespun)

First, I must say that I did'nt know how to work this chipboard, and THE idea has arrived.
So I cut the chipboard and I only keep the part *WHERE THE HEART IS*

I used a part of stamp Christmas Chimney on my background.

To explain the different layers, start with the photo. Under this one a first chipboard, *Frilly Bauble* embossed with a mix of two powders: Baby Pink and Bubble Gum. I cut it in half  and I put on each side of the photo. Then, on each side again, two pieces of *Rose Wreath* embossed in snow
and to finish *Belfast Bouquet* also embossed with two powders, pink rose and bubble gum.
My title is a succession of error: embossed in *Baby Pink* after with *Ebony* powder and to finish with *Bubble Gum* ... Don't know if I do it again I can have the same result LOL

I used the lace7B that I've teinted for adding texture on my background. 

I stamped a butterfly ( from Spring Accents stamp) on a paper

I love lilies flowers , this one come from *Dark Tropic Lilies*
You can see, on the next photo, under *Belfast Bouquet* a piece of  Lace6 and another piece of Lace7B.
Between the laces *Checker Bits* embosed in *Baby Pink*

Blue Fern Studios Products:

Calling Cards
Home Is
Checker Bits
Frilly Bauble
Belfast Bouquet
Rose Frame
Rose Wreath
Embossing Powder:
Bubble Gum
Baby Pink
Christmas Chimney
Tattered Newsprint
Grungy Grid
Spring Accents
Dark Lilies Tropic
Lace:Lace 6
Sweet Pea
Sterling silver

*Not All Who Wander Are Lost*
(Happy Accident)

A simple layout, use only one stencil, ink and a lot of glitters.

For all my chipboards, I've colored with pencils and I added clear embossing powder.
I've mixed my glitters together and spread them with gel medium it seem like mica flakes...

I really love this stamps! Tattered Newsprint ...

Products I've used:
* Windfall
* Buttons and Bows
* Spring Posy
* Burnt Copper
Tattered Newsprint


Thank you so much!
See you in 2018 for another inspirations.
Tartine xox